b e d t i m e
it’s 4am and i
have work tomorrow
p e a c e

Jul 27 · 1 day ago



      ” i could get a t-shirt? “

   ” that works about right. “



    "Alaric Saltzman, are you trying to seduce me?
     Because you know you don’t really have to, right?
     Although I do enjoy it when you do. A night of
     pampering would be nice, yes. Maybe we can
     have a lazy dinner and you can give me a massage?
     How does that sound?”

    “Maybe just a little. But isn’t the seducing part
    fun? I miss that. Just having you all to myself
    and not having to worry about what we can and
    can’t do because there are kids in the house. Now
    we’re all alone and time is ours. So pizza or chinese?
    And I’ll gladly give you that massage.”


she’s about to make a playful comment
about how he always  r u i n s  her fun
but instead pops up onto to bare toes to
give the very tip of his nose  a   k i s s.


         ”  hope so                     
            go shower  s w e a t y. “

the smile that brightens his face
was nearly blinding. jordan always
had a way of surprising him and
it never failed to keep him h a p p y

         " are you gonna join me? "



              ❝ I just don’t? I mean, well, I’ve never actually
                  tried it. Now now, no need for that judgey look
                  I just haven’t experienced completely vegan
                  Chinese. ❞

    ” Oh well then — I forget that you’re a vegan
      sometimes. Actually a lot of the time. My
      bad. — want some white rice? “


"Uh — who are you? 
     This is my apartment, 
     drinking my bourbon.”


"Uh — Alice Saltzman, duh.
    Who are you?”



" have i told ya that
  yer the best lately? “

" you could stand to
  say it more often. “

Maybe it’s the way you move

      You got me dreaming like a fool

That I could steal your heart away.

             No matter what it is you think

I’m not to type to blink and give my heart away

                   Stop trying to S
                                                   my heart away.



" i left ONE for ya. “

   ” i’m not a little guy, one isn’t
     even enough to get me buzzed
     it’s a good thing i bought some
     more then. twenty four pack
     anyone? “

" logan did you drink all the
  beer a g a i n ? “